Tulane SoPA Partnership

Here to order a yoga mat? Let us explain. South Balance is a fictional company created for use in the Tulane School of Professional Advancement’s applied computing courses. Threaded throughout course modules, South Balance gives IT students the opportunity to interact with simulated data in a realistic, practical setting. Through experiential engagement, students examine possible challenges associated with fast-growing companies such as South Balance including business, architecture, and cyber security considerations.

About the Tulane School of Professional Advancement

The Tulane School of Professional Advancement, or SoPA, offers students a potentially life-changing opportunity to further develop professional skills and position themselves for career advancement. Tulane has a long history of educating working adults; SoPA is the most current evolution of that long-term commitment. SoPA offers applied learning programs that incorporate both industry-relevant knowledge and a grounding in the liberal arts. Learn more about our undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates, offered online and at our campuses.

Overview of Information Technology Programs

The Information Technology Programs department at the School of Professional Advancement offers four program concentrations: Integrated Application Development, Business Systems Analysis, Information Technology, and Cybersecurity. The first two areas are primarily focused on computer-based solutions and information systems required to run a business. Information Technology involves the management and maintenance of the infrastructure responsible for running information systems. The final concentration, Cybersecurity, focuses on the development of secure database systems and protection of networks.

The Online Master of Professional Studies in IT Management program provides advanced technical training while simultaneously covering leadership and business strategies. In wide-ranging technical and business-focused courses, students learn how to integrate technology, human resources, and business processes to solve critical business needs.

The Online Master of Professional Studies in Cybersecurity Management program prepares students to tackle real-world cybersecurity challenges with IT solutions that are powerful, relevant and effective. With practical training from current practitioners, the program develops leaders who can identify and prevent security threats while managing teams and implementing organization-wide cybersecurity policies.

South Balance