Meet the South Balance Family

George Ruth

President & CEO

George H. Ruth acquired South Balance in 2015 after developing personal enthusiasm for its products, and has been instrumental in promoting innovation and growth within the company. As one of New York’s most influential entrepreneurs, Mr. Ruth has experienced decades of success leading a variety of ventures in the manufacturing field. He is a proud alumnus of Hofstra University and holds an MBA from the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.

Walter Johnson

Chief Information Security Officer & Director of IT Security

Walter Johnson was recruited to be CISO after working with CIO Antonia Lazzeri in her previous role at M.T. Rogers. Prior to his work on the cybersecurity team at M.T. Rogers, he was Associate Director of IT Security at Chicago-based startup InfoGuide. He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from the University of Chicago, and earned his MPS in Cybersecurity Management from Tulane’s School of Professional Advancement.

Elaine Benes

Executive Assistant

Elaine Benes has been working alongside George H. Ruth for nearly two decades, setting up and facilitating meetings, managing and maintaining executive calendars, and coordinating public appearances for Mr. Ruth and his team. As a certified Yoga instructor, she is also a vocal spokesperson for the South Balance brand and has been credited with giving Mr. Ruth his very first Yankee-branded yoga mat while he was in recovery from bypass surgery.

Antonia Lazzeri

Vice President of Technology & Chief Information Officer

Antonia Lazzeri joined South Balance at the height of its expansion in late 2015 to supervise the company’s ICT strategy. Previously, Ms. Lazzeri was a partner in M.T. Rogers’ Consumer Products & Retail Practice, where she led numerous technology integrations and business transformations as a consultant. The daughter of small business owners, business leadership is in her DNA. She holds a Master of Professional Studies in Information Technology Management from Tulane’s School of Professional Advancement.

Marion Mantle

Vice President of Operations & Chief Operating Officer

Marion Mantle brings more than 30 years of manufacturing experience to South Balance’s operations. She began her career as a professional ballroom dancer, and transitioned to the orthopedic shoe business after a severe ankle injury placed her on the bench. She earned her MBA from the Freeman School of Business at Tulane, and has been on the board of numerous global footwear and fitness companies including RX Insoles and Freeband.

Louise Gehrig

Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Louise Gehrig has been a member of South Balance’s executive team since the company’s earliest days, and was a key player in its 2015 acquisition. Prior to joining South Balance, she held the position of CFO at Louisiana-based manufacturer Town Crafts, where she assisted with regrowth efforts after several years of unprofitability. She earned her BS in economics and her MS in accounting from Tulane University.

Diana Jeter

Vice President of Production

Diana Jeter was appointed VP of Production in 2015 to oversee South Balance’s smooth transition to a reconfigured international distribution model. Under Ms. Jeter’s supervision, South Balance products are being produced on a massive scale and sold in approximately 8,000 stores worldwide, including all major sporting goods chains. Ms. Jeter prioritizes incorporating technological innovations to increase production efficiency, while also maximizing both quality and value to place the customer first. She holds an MBA from the Freeman School of Business at Tulane.

Henry Greenburg

Director of Sales & Marketing

Henry Greenburg joined South Balance as a Marketing Associate in 2013. Shortly after his 2015 promotion to director, he led his team in coining South Balance’s signature catchphrase, “Fanatically Zen.” Under his sales and marketing supervision, South Balance has expanded into numerous untapped markets and has established a global reach. He was previously on the sales team at app-based exercise company FitTicket, and holds a Professional Certificate in Marketing from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement.

Jason Jones

Director of Product

Jason Jones has been leading all product efforts for South Balance since early 2016. Previously, he was on the team that developed and sold FitCounter, a health tracking software. He also worked for Max’s Sports Warehouse and LeloLime in the product department. He has a BS in computer science from Brandeis University and an MPS in Information Technology Management from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement.

Mariana Rivera

Director of Finance

Mariana Rivera is a longtime financial professional and one of the newest members of the South Balance Team. She came to South Balance after two decades at Deloitte, where she worked as a financial consultant and later as an associate director. Prior to Deloitte, Ms. Rivera worked at global accounting firm Touche. She brings her knowledge of international markets and global operations to role at South Balance. She is a proud graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Management/Master of Accounting dual-degree program at Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business.

Lawrence Berra

Director of IT Operations

Lawrence Berra is a proud member of the South Balance family. His interest in IT was sparked at age 11, when he began dismantling desktop computers to examine their composite parts. He went on to earn his BS in Applied Computing Systems & Technology from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement, and was hired by South Balance immediately upon graduation. He quickly rose through the ranks of the IT department and now leads his team in developing effective business-oriented technology strategies.

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